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Research Computing

Enabling scientific breakthroughs at scale with advanced computing


  • User Support

    School of Medicine Research Computing (SOMRC) is committed to providing individualized support for researchers who are engaged in computationally intensive projects. With expertise in high-performance computing, SOMRC provides support in the following areas: Bioinformatics & Genomics Cloud Solutions Data Analysis Scientific Computing Image Processing SOMRC delivers the services above in the context of system support (web-based ticketing) and consultations (in-person meetings). In either scenario, we seek long-term scientific collaborations.
  • Secure Computing

    UVA School of Medicine Research Computing can assist medical researchers in both understanding what HIPAA compliance requires of their work, and how to implement technical solutions to achieve and verify such compliance. Review & Assessment From a compliance perspective, SOMRC offers three levels of review/assessment: Security Plan - Having a security plan in place is important to your success at UVA School of Medicine. If your lab or department doesn’t have a plan in place Research Computing Information Security will be happy to help you develop such a plan.