In addition to providing free, in-person workshop training, School of Medicine Research Computing staff teach for-credit courses. Below is a selection of courses that SOMRC has taught, co-taught or provided guest lectures.

BIMS 8382: Introduction to Biomedical Data Science

Spring 2017

This course introduces methods, tools, and software for reproducibly managing, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing large-scale biomedical data. Specifically, the course introduces the R statistical computing environment and packages for manipulating and visualizing high-dimensional data, covers strategies for reproducible research, and culminates with analysis of data from a real RNA-seq experiment using R and Bioconductor packages.

CS 6501: Distributed & Cloud Computing

Spring 2017

This graduate course introduces a basic grounding in designing and implementing distributed and cloud systems. It aims to acquaint students with principles and technologies of server clusters, virtualized datacenters, Grids/P2P, Internet clouds, social networks, Internet of Things (IoT), and applications. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on public cloud such as Amazon EC2. Selected scientific applications will also be used as case studies to gain hands-on experiences.

DSI Bootcamp: Computing, Storage & Data Analysis in the Cloud

Summer 2017

This 1.5 day course introduces MSDS students to the basics of cloud computing in AWS, and the independent management of code, data, and computing resources in a research environment. Particular concern is given to the concepts of programmable, reusable, scalable resources in the AWS cloud, through hands-on labs in EC2 and S3.