Clinical Research Projects

Bringing expertise in data analysis and large scale computation, School of Medicine Research Computing is supporting clinical research at UVa. Several recent collaborations are listed below.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Analysis

Pediatricians and neonatologists are interested in identifying normal ranges for vital signs of premature babies. Such metrics are critical to predictive monitoring of patients in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). SOMRC is working with physicians and clinical researchers to write code that manipulates, visualizes and analyzes the heart rate and blood pressure measurements from the available data.

Corrie Alonzo (Department of Pediatrics–Neonatology) & Mike Spaeder (Department of Pediatrics)

Hypoxemia Index for Infants

Low blood-oxygen saturation (hypoxemia) can indicate sepsis in neonates. Working with faculty in the Department of Pediatrics, SOMRC is writing and implementing algorithms to identify hypoxemia cases, as well as the relationship between these events and presentations of other vital signs.

Karen Fairchild (Department of Pediatrics–Neonatology) & Doug Lake (Center for Advanced Medical Analytics)