School of Medicine Research Computing regularly collaborates with UVa researchers on original computational scientific projects, many of which yield peer-reviewed publications. Below is a list of papers that have been co-authored with SOMRC staff.

Oxygen desaturations in the early neonatal period predict development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Fairchild KD, Nagraj VP, Sullivan BA, Moorman JR, Lake DE
Pediatric Research (2018)

Heart rate ranges in premature neonates using high resolution physiologic data

Alonzo CJ, Nagraj VP, Zschaebitz JV, Lake DE, Moorman JR, Spaeder MC
Journal of Perinatology (2018)

LOLAweb: a containerized web server for interactive genomic locus overlap enrichment analysis

Nagraj VP, Magee NE, Sheffield NC
Nucleic Acids Research (2018)

simpleCache: R caching for reproducible, distributed, large-scale projects

Sheffield NS, Nagraj VP, Reuter V
Journal of Open Source Software (2018)