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  • Ivy Secure Environment

    var compute_prices = new Array(); compute_prices[“small”]=1594; compute_prices[“medium”]=3209; compute_prices[“large”]=8156; function getComputePrice() { var computePrice=0; var theForm = document.forms[“vmcalc”]; var selectedTier = theForm.elements[“selectedtier”]; for(var i = 0; i Ivy Ivy is a secure computing environment for researchers consisting of virtual machines (Linux and Windows), Domino Data Lab, and the Apache Spark environment. Researchers can use Ivy to process and store sensitive data with the confidence that the environment is secure and meets HIPAA requirements.
  • Ivy Domino Data Lab (DDL) Quick Start

    Domino Data Lab (DDL) provides a central environment and features for data science projects including project management, collaboration with team members, and setting up hardware configuration for a project. Account Request Access to DDL to Ivy is managed through the Ivy account request process. Accounts are issued on a per project basis, with PIs (and any project members) being granted individual accounts to log into the DDL platform. Once the request has been approved and all associated members have completed the necessary documentation, each individual project member can sign into DDL with his / her UVa Eservices user name and password.