Preinstalled R on Ivy Windows VM

R Overview

R is an open source programming language, used by Data Miners, Scientists, Data Analysts, and Statisticians. It is available under the GNU GPL V2 license from the Comprehensive R Archive Network

R can be used for many statistical, modeling, and graphical solutions. It is very Object Oriented in nature and is easily extensible.

Running Rstudio from the desktop

You can start R in a Graphical interface using the RStudio application from the desktop

Running the command line R console

Type R at the command prompt to launch the R console.

Installing packages

Our Windows VMs come equipped with R preinstalled. Most major R packages are also installed and further could be installed from CRAN using (from within the R console)


Once the package is loaded, you could start it using


Running R Scripts from the command line

Simply type the following on Command Prompt

Rscript path\\to\\script\\your_script_file.R

(Optional) Setting the repository

In order to avoid R from asking which repository it should use every time a package is installed, you need to edit the .Rprofile file in your installation directory. If it is not there, create a new file and call it .Rprofile. Add the following code to it

r <- getOption("repos")             
r["CRAN"] <- ""
options(repos = r)

More Information

For more information, please visit the official R Studio website.